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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book Review: A Memory Between Us, by Sarah Sundin

I've been reading though Sarah Sundin's Wings of Glory series. I have to tell you, this lady is some writer. She has a talent for making World War II come alive. I feel like I'm right there with the Novak family. Each book is about one of the three Novak sons and their flying adventures in WWII.

This book, A Memory Between Us, focuses on Jack Novak, a determined young man who meets all challenges head on, confident he is more than adequate to the task. That is, until he meets a nurse who is just as determined never to become involved with anyone. Ruth Doherty is the oldest of several children orphaned by an accident, and she must provide for her siblings. And she has a secret in her background she can't afford to have found out.

But then, so does Jack. That secret costs the lives of several men when his B-17 is badly damaged and he tries to avoid flying over the Rhine Delta.

Jack's father, a pastor, wants Jack to be a pastor. Jack doesn't want to be a pastor--not that he doesn't want to serve God, but he just doesn't seem to be pastor material. He struggled through seminary and never seems to think of the right things to say to people who need pastoral advice. Why would God want him to be a pastor? His courage slips every time this one thing happens.

Ruth needs to come up with more money. Aunt Pauline says they need more than $42 a month to feed and clothe Ruth's youngest sister. Otherwise, it would such be a shame if Maggie had to go into an orphanage. Ruth takes training to become a flight nurse--flight nurses earn more money. She gets partnered with a lecherous bully, and her supervisor refuses to believe her when she says Burns has been making passes. Worse--there's a chance her secret could get exposed.

Jack's and Ruth's secrets explode between them, injuring their tentative relationship. Both of them need to...

Hm. Don't want to ruin your reading experience by giving away the ending. Quick, get on, Barnes and Nobel--or go to the library!
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