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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Guest Post: God Did It For Me! by Staci Stallings

Sometimes living with children gives you great insights into God and how interested He is in the details of our lives. My son have me a great insight a couple years ago when I wrote this piece (hard to even remember it raining like this now. How ironic and consistent with the wild swings our weather tends to give us in the Texas Panhandle. I hope God remembers and will send us some more days and weeks of rain like this again soon!) Now, from two years ago...

We’d been having a lot of rain. I don’t know if this much is normal or not, but it seems to me to be more rain than normal. Of course, we could use more… a lot more for our lakes and our water resources, but the regularity of this current rain has made other issues less of issues.

Take watering the grass. Now, I don’t do much with the grass other than admire it and occasionally walk across it. I don’t mow it. (I’m not allowed on the mower after I made a mess of the alley.) I don’t fertilize it or water it or spray it or anything. What my kids can’t do, my husband takes care of. And yet, this spring, the grass is green. Greener than I can remember.

My son has had to “swath” it at least twice because it’s too wet to mow most of the time, and by the time it gets dry enough, the grass is several inches taller than it normally is when we mow.

Now my son is the son my husband deserved and wanted. My son loves mowing and taking care of the grass. He loves watering trees. He loves planting trees and plants and vegetables and tomatoes and strawberries… And he most of all loves watering all of them. Joy is that child watering something.

Me? I forget.

Sometimes for weeks at a time!

In fact, my daughter was reading The Pigeon Wants a Puppy, and the pigeon who is trying to convince the reader that he is responsible and will take good care of the puppy says, “And I’ll water him once a month!”

That’s me with a garden. If I remember to water it, I forget I turned the water off. So we either have a dry bed or a lake. You think I’m kidding. I am most definitely not.

My son, on the other hand, absorbs every lesson on watering my husband gives him. “Sprinkle, don’t drown. Just like this.” (Son nods, practices, and does exactly that… every single time.) “Only this much water.” (Go ahead. TRY to put more water on it than that. My son will have an absolute FIT.)

So, it’s become my son’s job to water the garden. Well, it was… until it started raining.

On Friday, my husband called to remind my son the garden needs watered. However, the call was quite funny because it was raining here when he called.

My son said, “Dad, I don’t have to sprinkle the garden today. God did it for me!”

By this morning (after 4 days of rain), my husband told my son he’s getting lazy because God keeps doing his chores for him. We all had quite the laugh. I said I wish God would come do the laundry for me!

What’s God taken care of for you today? Look around. I bet there’s something!

Sometimes living with children gives you great insights into God and how interested He is in the details of our lives.
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