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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nobody knows...

So far, no one seems to know who wrote this book. A prize still awaits the first person who can give me the name of the book and the author. A hint: The writer is no longer with us. Here's another quote from the book.

"And now Herod the tetrarch, who was in great favor with Tiberius, built a city of the same name with him, and called it Tiberias. He built it in the best part of Galilee, at the lake of Gennesareth. There are warm baths at a little distance from it, in a village name Emmaus. Strangers came and inhabited this city; a great number of the inhabitants were Galileans also, and many were necessitated by Herod to come thither out of the country belonging to him, and were by force compelled to be its inhabitants; some of them were persons of condition. He also admitted poor people, such as those that were collected from all parts, to dwell in it. Nay, some of them were not quite freemen; and these he was a benefactor to, and made not to forsake the city, by building them very good houses at his own expenses, and by giving them land also; for he was sensible, that to make this place a habitation was to transgress the Jewish ancient laws, because many sepulchres were to be here taken away, in order to make room for the city Tiberias: whereas our law pronounces, that such inhabitants are unclean for seven days."
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