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Friday, May 27, 2011

FICTION FRIDAY: One More Time, Chapter 10

For previous chapters, check the previous Fridays' posts. This chapter is pretty short...


Two days passed before Sarah could go back to the marketplace to restock their larder and to see Jonas. Jonas again seemed to be missing from his shop, but a young teenager rose up from behind some bolts of cloth.

“Hello, madam. May I help you select some materials this beautiful day?” His voice broke between a manly base and a youthful falsetto, and he reddened.

“Thank you, no,” Sarah said. “I’m seeking Jonas. You resemble him. Are you related?”

The boy beamed. “I’m his son. My name is Dathan. My father has gone on a journey, but he should be back next week. Shall I give him a message from you?”

“Hello, Dathan. My name is Sarah. No, there is no message. Your father and I have something in common, a missing spouse. Jonas is trying to help me find my husband. You must be proud of your father. He’s such a kind and caring man.”

Dathan nodded. “I’m honored to be his son. He’s a good father, patient and wise. You know, then, my mother was kidnapped and is somebody’s slave, somewhere. I don’t remember my mother well; it’s been 10 years since she disappeared and I was young. I remember her singing to me. She had a beautiful voice, it seemed to me.” His voice sounded wistful. “Father’s sister Miriam lives with us, and she’s helped care for us since my Mother’s been gone.

“I imagine your Father’s grateful to her for her help, and I think he must be pleased with his son, too.”

“If he’s not, he sure pretends to be.” Dathan grinned. “He let me tend his wares here this week for the first time on my own.”

Sarah grinned back. “Good for you! I must be going now. I’m a cook, and they expect me to return quickly with food for the household. I’ll come back next week to see Jonas. I’m hoping he can help me with still one more thing, so I’ll be back to discuss it with him then. Goodbye, Dathan. It was good talking to you.”

“Goodbye, Sarah. God go with you.” Dathan raised his hand in a wave and bent back down behind a bolt of purple cloth.
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