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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Review - DYNAMO by Eleanor Gustafson

I have been hooked on horse stories since I first read Thunderhead when I was probably about ten. Heroic stallions and the equally heroic humans who love and train them just fill up my heart, and this one maybe makes it overflow!

You see, there's this guy fresh out of prison (Jeth Cavanaugh) looking for a job, and there's this vicious stallion (Dynamo) who'd lots rather kick, buck, and bite than be ridden, but he's the most amazing five-gated show horse Jeth has ever seen. They meet at the stables of Rob and Katie Cavendish, and Rob hires Jeth to help train and show jumpers--which Jeth does to perfection, but he longs to show Dynamo.

Showing and training horses is the perfect escape for Jeth. He needs to forget his former boss's daughter, Janni Wingate. Dear Daddy Wingate had made sure Jeth went to prison on trumped-up charges, and even if the sentence was only two years, he is now branded for life. If Janni ever sees Jeth again, her father now makes sure his own daughter will face prison or death!

When Jeth meets up with God, his life is radically changed, and not all the changes sit well with Jeth. Janni makes him an offer he can't refuse--but he refuses it anyway and earns himself a stinging slap. Things go downhill, but God begins doing unbelievable things through this ex-con even while he's at his lowest point.

And Dynamo--Jeth's heart's passion and enemy--begins to show eye-popping progress.

I wish I could give this book ten stars. Buy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.


  1. Whoo! This showed up as a total surprise, Anne! You and I must've grown up on the same batch of horse stories. When a couple down the street started giving lessons, I could not only read about them, but feel and smell and experience real live horses. Thanks for the review, and I'll gladly accept 10 stars!

    1. I read all of the Black Stallion and Thunderhead series, but owning a couple of horses took the stars out of my eyes. I still love to read about them, but have no desire to own any anymore!

  2. Oh--and thank you for writing such a great book!


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