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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday Sermonette--Patience!

Just because I want things to happen now doesn't mean I'm the least bit impatient. No, couldn't be. Not me....

I'm wanting my book, The Roman's Quest, to be published. The book was supposed to be released on October 15--which meant to me that the edited copy from the publisher should have been in my hands at least a few days before, right?

I've been bugging the publisher unmercifully for the edits, and my point of contact, Giovanni Gelati, has been amazingly patient with me. Maybe I should take a tip from him, huh? He says I should wait for God's timing.

Uh-oh. He slammed the trump card down on my deck of dreams.

Ever had difficulty waiting on God?

Uh-huh, that's what I thought. I'm not the only one who is impatient, am I?


  1. You are Anne! LOL... just kidding. Story of my life.... annoying huh.

  2. I'm willing to be annoying if you are...


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