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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - The Faith of God

Several times over the course of my life with the Lord, I've experienced His faithfulness. Did it ever occur to you that God has faith in you?

The biggest evidence I've seen is that He didn't give up on me. He could have, easily. I'd given up on myself.

I gave up on ever having a successful marriage.

I gave up on being the kind of Christian I thought I should be.

I gave up on getting control over the binge eating.

I gave up on life--and God.

But He didn't give up on me. He was faithful. He gave me more opportunities to turn around than the law allows. I would mess up yet again, and yet again, there He would be, holding His hand out to help me up.

He won't give up on you, either. Sometimes all you need to do is reach for His hand and hold on tight.

Let Him help you. He wants to. He won't stop trying to reach you. Not ever.

Because, you see, He is faithful to those He loves, and He loves you.

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