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Monday, September 18, 2017

Monday Morning Devo - Mornings

And in the morning you shall see the glory of the Lord.... Exodus 16:7a, NKJV.

Sunrises have always fascinated me.

Sometimes they're just a quiet grey yawn and stretch.

Sometimes they're a red and charcoal growl of warning.

Sometimes they're a crimson shout of, "Hallelujah! It's morning!

And, sometimes, they're a soft and sweet pink wish for a pleasant new day, offered as we're waking.

Every day is new. We don't have to be the same today as yesterday. Yesterday might have been a downer, but that doesn't mean today will be. Today could be the hallelujah! morning.

Sometimes the day is just whatever we make it. It's odd, but usually when I have something to look forward to--whether it's a doctor's appointment or a lunch with friends--I'm more energetic. The gray blaws don't rule me,. I should decide early in the day to do something that requires energy, huh?

So--what is your day going to be today?

Lord of the sunrises, remind me that I can do all things through You, because You strengthen me for the tasks that need to be done. I love You, Lord!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Book Review - FROZEN NOTES by Fay Lamb

I am so very proud to call this author "Friend" that I tend to brag a little. She's so incredibly talented--if I'm ever half the writer she is, I will count myself doubly blessed. She writes romantic suspense like no one else. Every book she writes, I swear, is better than the one before!

Take this book: it starts out with a bang. Literally. Two dead bodies and one horrified woman in the first paragraph. Lyric Carter's husband had killed her best friend and then himself. Actually, Braedon had aimed the gun at her, but Matthew had thrown himself into the path of the bullet.

She'd married Braedon Carter because his brother Balaam had left her and her unborn child for a singing career. Braedon had sworn he loved her and that he would raise her child as his own, but that vow had only come between them. He knew she still loved Balaam even though she never spoke of him.

Balaam, meanwhile, had been throwing his life away, bathing in the adoration of fans and drowning in all the liquor and drugs he could consume before passing out. In the hospital after an overdose, Balaam forsakes the career and drugs that owned him and goes into rehab.

Daniel is the local sheriff and the man who stepped in as father to Lyric, her brother Quinn, Matthew, Braedon, and Brandon. Daniel had taken them fishing, to church, and to task when they stepped outside the bounds.

Magda Moxley is Lyric's mother and betrayer. She'd do almost anything for the drugs and alcohol that Jessup Roy provided, and she's the one who fed Braedon the lie that sent him home with a gun.

Oh, the tangled webs. How can this despair be repaired? It's just too ugly.

But maybe, if you just get the book.... I noticed it's free on Amazon if you have Kindle Unlimited. Not listed yet on Barnes and Noble, but it will probably be there soon. Fay Lamb is donating all of her royalties from all of her books (not just this one) to hurricane victims through Samaritan's Purse. I'm not sure for how long, but at least for a time.

Thank you to Fay who gave me a free copy of the book. However, the opinions and evaluations expressed are my own.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Book Review - EXILE by Rachel Starr Thomson

Inspirational Suspense--sorta fantasy, or not. Very, very tense, this is a book difficult to impossible to put down. This is first of eight novels in The Oneness Cycle.

Chris is the son of a reluctant Oneness member, Diane; and Tyler, his best friend, had in most respects been adopted by her. Chris and Tyler do everything together--fishing, fighting, and rescuing a drowning girl.

Reese is that girl. She had deliberately jumped off that cliff, but apparently the One wasn't done with her yet. Her cell leader had exiled her--which was impossible. One couldn't be exiled from the Oneness.

She's different--apparently a warrior, because when a demon attacks her a sword appears in her hand. An exile shouldn't be able to do that, but she feels so ... so alone. Not at one with the rest of her cell anymore. She can't feel them.

Chris and Tyler don't believe in the existence such a thing as demons, at least until they see them. Diane does. So do Mary, the leader of the local cell, along with Richard and April. But April has disappeared, and they can't find her.

Warning--if you read this novel (and I hope you will), you could be hooked. The ebook version of Exile is free, but numbers two through eight aren't. Available at Amazon and Barnes and Nobel.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Book Review - GHOSTS IN THE OLD ATTIC by Max Elliot Anderson

Another of Max Elliot Anderson's YA spooky stories, again starring Sam Cooper. I'm thinking kids in their teens will love this. Shoot, I'm in my backwards teens, and I loved it!

Poor Sam! His folks have decided to uproot him from all his friends in Harper's Inlet and drag him all the way to Louisiana. They want to open a bed and breakfast.

As if that wasn't bad enough, they'll probably choose one of those old (aka, historic) mansions with a dozen pirate stories attached to it, along with stories of ghosts and treasure. Sam likes ghost stories in movies and books, but definitely NOT in real life!

His cousins live where they're moving, and Scooter and Shelley introduce him to ... yep, you guessed it ... a haunted house. Which of course they have to explore. After one hair-raising experience, you'd think they'd stay away, but no. Scooter is just all the more fascinated, and Sam doesn't want to be labeled as a scaredy-cat.

So, trundle on over to your nearest bookstore--Amazon will do just fine--and grab a copy.

I received a free copy of this book from the author. The opinions and evaluations expressed herein are mine.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday Morning Devo - What's Love?

For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Galatians 5:14.
Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends. John 15:13.
Both verses from the NKJV.

This is a picture of a Border Patrol Cop helping during the flooding in Texas. I think this is Houston, but I'm not sure. It doesn't really matter, though. What it shows is people needing help, and a man helping them. Many public servants have literally laid down their lives to save perfect strangers. Without hesitation, many people have put their own lives at risk to help others.

That's the perfect definition of love in my book. That's the kind of love Jesus asked of us.

We can't all go to Texas and wade through water to perform rescues, but all of us can do something. I have given what I could, a few dollars to a great charity which goes all over the world to help disaster victims, UMCOR. I'm a senior citizen, or maybe I could make the trip down there with a helping organization. If I did, though, I'd probably be one needing rescue myself rather than aiding others.

Yesterday a woman and her little dog were attacked by a big dog, both hurt badly. Neighbors came running to help, regardless of their own safety.

That's love.

How do you practice love?

Father, show us how we can give love wherever and whenever it's needed. Help us give Your grace, Your forgiveness, Your life, and our own. Please open our eyes to the needs and give us the strength or whatever to give. In Jesus's name and for His sake, Amen.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday Sermonette - Hurricane Harvey

This is a first for me. I haven't ever asked you for money before (other than encouraging you to buy various books), but we have a disaster on our hands. The worst storm in half a century is hitting the Texas Gulf Coast. One thing is a sure bet: A lot of people will lose everything they have.

Several more will be killed or severely injured. Families will lose homes and livelihoods. Businesses will be destroyed. Food and water are going to be hard to come by.

I'm praying that you will open your hearts and pocketbooks. If you will click on the blue link above (or on the word UMCOR following this), you can go to UMCOR, a charitable organization that supports those in disaster areas. Every penny you give will go directly to the cause. Not one penny of yours will be spent for administrative costs. That's provided by support from United Methodist churches.

Some folks might have another favorite charity that will also provide relief for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Maybe your church or through your employer, and I don't care which agency you choose, just do choose and do give.

May God bless those victims and hold them close, and may you be inspired to give. God bless you.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Book Review - HEALING LOVE by Jennifer Slattery

This book is probably classified as Inspirational Romance, but I kid you not, it's BIG on inspirational, and not just for the romance. I sniffle over orphans all the time, and this book has an armful of them.

Brooke Endress has a burning desire to become a news anchor, and she's well on the road when her little sis (Aubrey) all of a sudden wants to go on a mission to El Salvador. Which would be bad enough in an of itself, but her aunt and uncle say they won't let Aubrey go unless Brooke goes with Aubrey. No way. Everyone knows El Salvador is full of vicious gangs and unhealthy practices. No place for a germophobe.

Ubaldo is a teacher in El Salvador living on a shoestring, yet he finds the money to take medicine to his mama. Papa doesn't have much use for Ubaldo--thinks his son is "too good" for his poor farming family now that he has that fancy teaching job. What good was an education for a farming family? So Ubaldo's siblings had no education. He had to fight for his, and had. He can earn a little extra by being a translator for a bunch of Norte Americanos arriving for a mission trip.

Huh. The teenagers spend very little of a week or two with the children and lot of money on themselves, then make promises to return but never do. Why did they bother?

Brooke had no intention of doing anything but keeping her little sister safe, which she'd been doing since their parents were killed in a car wreck. But the orphanage children and two street children capture her heart. Oh--and then there's Ubaldo....

Hey, folks, this is FREE as an ebook on Amazon today and tomorrow! Since the author was so gracious in spending her own dime to offer this to you for free, would you be so kind as to give her a review on Amazon and Goodreads? It's also available on Barnes and Noble as a paperback.