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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Book Review - THE EMPEROR'S VISIONS by R.A. Denny

This is the fourth in a series of YA adventures with at least one more to go. The series is one that I believe the YAs will thoroughly enjoy. I give it four stars.

Once again, our heroes, Amanki (of the mud people), Brina (of the tree people), and Moshoi,(a scaled humans) are trying to make sense of their assignment from the Creator. Adon asked that they carry their three blue cylinder seals to Tzoladia, the capital of the country. Much easier said than done. Brina's was stolen by Matlan of the Lion Riders; Amanki has his displayed for all to see; and Moshoi has his hidden under the fur of his pack animal, Star.

In the last book Matlan was crowned king of several of the people of Tzoladia, but he wants to be emperor. The present emperor seems to be short just one or two cards of a full deck, and he's ruled by his mother, a woman with vipers for pets. He feels a little guilty for stealing Brina's cylinder seals, but not enough to give it back. People might not think he was king material without it. Matlan also has discovered he is a twin to Amanki, the duck boy. They look alike from the ankles up, but Amanki has duck-like feet. Amanki has taken over a fleet of the emperor's ships.

Whew. I don't want to give it away, but there have been several battles going on, and it looks like maybe the emperor is winning. Or is he? Hard to tell from here.

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I received a free review copy of this book from the author, but my opinions remain my own.

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