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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Book Review - SEEKING ALLAH, FINDING JESUS by Nabeel Qureshi

A lot of Christians, during the season of Ramadan, spend time praying for Muslims. This year I've been one of those, and I also wanted a good book on the subject to review at close to the end of Ramadan. After a little research I chose this one, and I'm glad I did. It's about as thorough as anyone could hope for.

In these times of hatred and violence between the Christian and Muslim communities, it might just be time for more understanding and grace instead. It has certainly been a time of upheaval, but God has been gracious and how can we but follow His lead?

Nabeel was raised in Islam and loved it; loved, honored, and respected his parents; and loved God. He sought the peaceful Allah he believed in. God provided a formerly psychotic atheist felon as a classmate for him in college, David Wood. The two of them built an abiding friendship even while they constantly argued. They constantly challenged each other to find out more.

It was in reacting to those challenges that Nabeel Qureshi finally found the Truth. It wasn't a pleasant truth. Friendships shattered. Family turmoil. Traditions tossed. But truth is truth, and so he spent the most agonizing year of his life working through this new belief.

Ramadan is a time of earnestly seeking Allah (and yes, that is a legitimate term for God), and God is honoring that request. An amazing number of Muslims (thousands!) are receiving dreams and visions of Jesus reaching out to them in love. He needs our hands and voices to join His with His invitation.

I hope you will grab this book. It's a best seller available on almost any bookstore shelf. God bless you.


  1. I have taught the Bible to nearly 6000 Muslims. I have converts in hiding in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Jordan, Palestine, and Uzbekistan. I wrote a book comparing Christianity to Islam which can be given to a Muslim without offending them. Toward the back I have quotes from nearly 100 of my students who now believe Jesus really was the Son of God and not just a prophet. They have not all converted yet, but some day they will find each other and will. The book ends with "An open letter to our Muslim friends".

    1. Katheryn--Oh, may God richly bless you! I'm physically limited, so all I can do is talk and pray--but one of the things I pray for is thousands more just like you!


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