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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Book Review--CIRCLE OF SPIES by Roseanne M. White (free book offer)

Another Wow! from Roseanna M. White. This lady has more talent in her little finger than most of us have in fingers, toes--well, the whole body combined.

Marietta Hughes married the wrong man. Even though she remained loyal to her husband Lucien during their marriage, her eyes too often strayed to  his brother Devereaux. Now her husband is dead, killed by muggers, and Dev steps in to claim Marietta as his own. Except a new man is also on the scene. Will Slade Osborne steal her away from Dev's schemes?

Family secrets trouble Marietta, confusing her about those she thought she knew so well and the war she thought she could ignore.

Roseanna White is offering one free book to a commenter on this blog. Leave your email in a comment below, and one of you will receive a free book personally autographed by the author. You have one week to leave the comments (by May 8). You might receive a little message that the comment is awaiting approval, but never fear. I check multiple times a day for comments needing that approval.

Circle of Spies, the third in the Culper Ring series, can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Christian Book Distributors.


  1. I have really enjoyed reading this series! Roseanne is a great author. She keeps her stories interesting and believable. I love history, so the Civil War time period is something I love to read about!

  2. Circle of Spies sounds wonderful. I love Roseanna's books.
    Thanks for a chance to win a copy.
    Blessings, Tina

  3. I've been wanting to read this series. Thank you for offering a copy of Circle of Spies. It sounds like an intriguing story.

  4. I am just finding you but this looks very interesting. Thanks for the chance to win.

  5. Thank you, Anne, for this review! I have read the first two books in the series ~ and read a Pinkerton agent comes on board too. I would love to win this offered copy of Circle of Spies. Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House lanehillhouse[at]centurylink[dot]net

  6. I really like this series. I need to complete it! It is really good!

  7. We have a winner--Nancy M.

    Thanks, Gang. Now, the rest of you go to your favorite bookstore and buy it. :D You won't be sorry!


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