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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Book Review--PROPHET by R.J. Larson

I learned a bit ago that this book (at least the Kindle and Nook versions) was free at Amazon and at Barnes and Noble on Nook. Free is pretty appealing to my pocketbook, and so I got it. And by the way--the last time I looked it was still free. If you hurry....

I'm thinking this one would be classified as a young adult fantasy. Some of you would say YA is just my speed, and in this case you'd be right. This little ol' lady loved this book.

If you've read the books of Isaiah or Jeremiah in the Old Testament, you might remember that both of them felt a little unworthy to be prophets of God. The young woman in this book is no different, except for God is called Infinite in this book. Ela Roeh of Parne (the young woman) has just as demanding a call as Isaiah or Jeremiah got.

Her little sister, Tzana, goes with her as she sets out for Istgard to tell their king to clean up his act or else. She has about as much luck as the aforementioned Biblical prophets, but she has a few positive adventures as well as misadventures along the way.

You should hop on over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and pick one up. Actually, I'm going back there and buy the next in the series: Judge.


  1. Thanks for telling me. Good review, enjoyed it.

  2. Held my attention from page one. I loved it , could not stop reading it . It is very compeling and spiritual. Wished more of her ebooks were free. Great read I do highlly recomend it !sincerely Stella Hopkins.

    1. Stella--
      Agreed--compelling and inspirational! I'm planning to review the second book in a couple of weeks (Prophet) and I'll see if she'd be willing to offer a free one.


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