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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - Break My Heart with What Breaks Yours

On Television last week, a talk show interviewed a former pastor who had lost her faith. She started a website for other people in similar positions. This pastor continued to preach on Sundays even after she decided she was actually an atheist. O God, how this must have broken your heart. Not only is this pastor gone from your flock, but she is leading others away as well.

Does this make me angry? No. It breaks my heart. These people who used to love Him now do not think He exists.

Does God hate them? No. Nor do I. Instead, I'll pray for them.

Jesus still loves them, seeks them, earnestly desires that they come home. So do I.

He won't give up. Neither will I.

Please, all of you, pray for the members of Go to their website, find as many names (or descriptions of people, since membership is anonymous), put them on your prayer list, and pray, pray, pray.

Thank you.


  1. Oh, Anne, this is so sad. I will join you in prayer.

  2. I agree, Carole. It just tears me up inside. Thank you for praying.
    Thank You Lord for listening.


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