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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Sermonette - Grapes?

I ate a handful of large grapes yesterday, and it reminded me of an interesting fact I learned not long ago. Did you know that the largest, juiciest grapes grow closest to the main stem?

And just what does that have to do with anything, you say?

Think about it. What if we stayed closer to our main stem--Jesus? Absorbing all the nutrients He has to give us? Drinking water from the well of His provision?

(If I'm waxing too prose-ish here, feel free to close the window...)

I feel the happiest when I'm close to God. I grow closer to Him when I fill my mind with things like the Bible and Christian music and praying.

Can you relate? Does what you read or watch influence your walk with Christ? Talk to me.


  1. Great thought! I feel happiest when I'm close to God too. But, what makes me forget that sometimes and drift off? The world can sometimes be so loud that I allow it to drown out God. It's a conscious effort each moment of every day to stay close. This can be so much easier when I surround myself with godly media - listening to Christian music, reading Christian fiction, studying His Word first.

  2. Amen, Paula. I couldn't agree more. The world is way too noisy and attractive!


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